I made an app for Spotify FOMO addicts

Every user of any application has its use cases. Probably no two people use the same application in the same way. In this short blog post, I will tell you how I use Spotify and why FOMO is placed in the title.

Probably you wouldn’t know that someone could have a problem which I resolved with my newest app, but the solution is wildly anticipated :)

FOMO, Spotify…what?

Looking at the title, you are probably thinking that I’m insane. How could you connect FOMO (fear of missing out) and Spotify in one sentence, weirdo? Yes, I can and I’ve done it! Let me explain it to you.

I’m probably one and the only person that has listened to every Discover Weekly and Release Radar. Every not missed even one of those. So…there comes my FOMO. I’m afraid that somewhere on those playlists will be one or more great songs that I wouldn’t notice.

Define problem

You probably suppose that I’m handling this problem in some way. Yes, I’m making a copy of the playlist which I can’t listen to by the time it will disappear. It’s very easy when you are using the Spotify desktop app, but not from web UI or even mobile app. What could I do if I’m on holidays and can’t access the desktop app?

I need to create something that allows me to copy playlists on the fly.

Let’s find a solution

Easy, I will create a script that will copy those two playlists when I need it. Well…maybe, maybe even an app. But this is more laborious. I don’t know…

Okay, I’m gonna do what’s called a programmer move. Spend two weeks on doing something that can be resolved in one day. I don’t regret it, connecting to Spotify API was fun.

Thanks to this decision, I can give something back to the community. I’ve found that many people asking „how to copy playlist” when they are using the web or mobile apps.

Below you can find my simplified solution to the defined problem.

Solution – Playlistr

Web app – that’s the easiest solution that can be accessed from every device. A bunch of technologies placed in a docker container for flexibility, no database, no complicated backend.

I want to introduce Playlistr.MaciejSocha.pl – easily copy Spotify playlist!

You are only three steps away from copying the playlist. Maybe four with logging in.

Log in

Click on the „Log in” button and allow my app for accessing your Spotify data. I need only three things: access to playlists, access to songs on playlists, and lastly your account country for copyrights purposes. I can’t send „get tracks requests” without specifying the country.

Choose playlist

I will get all playlists from your account and let you choose which one will be copied. As you can see on the below screen, I have many of them – 73. Select one in the table and proceed with the next step.

Chose new playlist name

That’s the easy one or maybe the most difficult? Let me know in the comment section :D Simply or hardly chose your new playlist name. Under that name, a new playlist will appear on your account.

It’s done

That was fast and very easy, right? Now you can access your playlist by an app or other interface.

How is it done technologically?

I don’t like overcomplicated solutions. Also, I’m not the „front-end man”, so my solution needs to be aesthetically acceptable and easy to implement.

There are only a few technologies used to create this website:
– jQuery which sends requests to Node.js
– Node.js which prepare data and sends requests to Spotify API
– docker for containerization
Free tier Oracle Cloud server that hosts docker

So simple and time saving. The whole process of creating that app took about two weeks of coding after work.

Which functionalities can I add or improve?

I have in mind that few things can be added. I’m thinking of those two functionalities:

  1. Allowing to copy playlist that is not followed by the user. So you will enter the URL or playlist ID which you want to copy.
  2. Made recurring playlist copying. E.g. Every Monday, your Discover Weekly will be copied

Maybe there is something else that I could do? Let me know by commenting on this entry or contacting me in another way.


Thanks for reading my short Spotify FOMO story. I hope that by creating this app I resolved the problem with copying playlists for a few of us. Now you can safely go on vacation without worrying about missed songs :D

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