13 basic docker commands you need to know

Being a programmer is not easy. Technology is changing so fast, there are so many new things to learn. „You need to learn docker right now!” said Network Chuck, so I started learning docker. I decided to write down some useful commands that will help you to make the first steps with docker. Some of […]

Why VPS accelerated my career? How it started long ago

Everyone has a mission, should have, or still searching for. By writing this entry I want to encourage „youngsters” and unsure of their technical skills to dive into the deep ocean of servers. This long rambling will take you (not so briefly) through the process of gaining my web and server administration experience. Get a […]

11 unusual git commands that will blow your mind

Everyone has that one colleague that has an ace up his sleeve if we are talking about git commands. Out of nowhere he solves complicated problems with a commit, merge, or pull request. He clearly without any hesitation can blow your mind. Maybe you are that guy? Maybe you want to be that guy? Below […]

How to properly organize Firebase Database structure?

Structuring your Firebase Database is one of the first things that you will need to do before implementation of your app. You can do it in two ways: so bad or so good ;) I mean JSON tree with many levels or flat data structure as much as possible. It takes a moment to ponder, […]