Cloudflare DMARC Management

One year ago, I secured my email domain after receiving a self-sent threatening email. The old DMARC tool worked flawlessly, but I like to try new things.

Lastly Cloudflare has introduced its beta DMARC Management tool. I need to test it!

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Unleash the power of Raycast with these 22 extensions

Raycast can help streamline your workflow and increase productivity, but you need extensions that match your speed. I have compiled a short list of my frequently used extensions, commands, and integrations.

Perform everything you need within those chosen tools directly from Raycast!

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Your own email: Great power comes with great responsibility

There are days that you do things out of the ordinary. That day, I opened my spam folder…exceptional behavior for all of us. This is not the end, I found a self-sent threatening email. That’s me, a proper villain :)

This amazing finding set off a thought process in my head.
How? How is it possible?

Let’s dig in and start a little investigation!

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Cloudflare Tunnels: You don’t need Nginx proxy

Exposing containerized applications isn’t straightforward. I’ve got a dedicated server for Docker containers with a few different supporting components. I need to take care of routing, SSLs, web sockets, paths, and other bits of Nginx configuration.

Cloudflare states that this can be done easier and faster with:
no open ports,
no exposed public IP,
SSL certificate,
and completely free.

Let me check that…

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