Short VPS comparison: I know why You will be using Oracle Cloud

Quite a time ago I created my most precious account – Oracle Cloud account. After a long and bumpy process, I’ve got Oracle Cloud Free Tier with 30 days trial and $300 to spend. Will it be my cloud to go? I didn’t know.

So I decided to test a few VPS providers in only three aspects: disk speed using dd command, stability measured by HTTP requests, and Speedtest by Ookla. My instantions had different CPUs, so I can’t measure their raw computing power.

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How to make your NextCloud faster with Redis as an in-memory cache using Docker?

I’m obsessed with optimizing things. Already I’ve optimized my VPS in a few different aspects: Apache webserver + PHP-FPM, MariaDB database, and all of my websites using Cloudflare and some more tricks.

Now I’m focused on my cloud storage – NextCloud. Let’s make it blazing fast with Redis as an in-memory cache.

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How to make your website load faster like a pro?

You can find many tutorials about making your website faster. Most of them are not involving technical skills and are superficial. I will show You the proper technical way to achieve better results with fewer, but more advanced steps.

We will look at DNS and web server configuration, so You need little technical skills and have your own VPS (Virtual Private Server) for a few steps.

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Oracle Cloud: Is it my most precious account?

After reading an article about a deal that Oracle Cloud signed with Zoom I thought about looking closer on their offer.

Few clicks and 5 minutes later I was looking on their Free Tier full of admiration. I haven’t heard about the company giving away as much VPSes as them. Very impressive (2 units – 1 OCPU, 1GB RAM) for free.

So I had to check this out!

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