How to configure Full (Strict) SSL using Cloudflare Origin Certificates?

One of the greatest Cloudflare features is a wide range of SSL configurations. Starting from clever Flexible one and ending on Full (Strict) with trusted certificates.

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to generate Cloudflare Origin Certificates and configure SSL on the Apache and Nginx web servers. It won’t take more than 10-15 minutes. Let’s start!

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Few necessary things You need to do after buying VPS server

Buying your first own VPS server is a big step in your self-development. Many new difficulties that You will face, many new things and technologies that You will learn.

But where to start? What is important and what isn’t?
Look at the below checklist to kickstart the VPS journey!

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What is DNS over TLS/HTTPS? Should I use it?

Most communication on the Internet starts with the DNS query. Client (smartphone, computer) sends a request to DNS Resolver which provides him a machine-readable IP address based on the human-readable domain name. He transforms into Now our device knows where to connect, where a destination server is.

Typically we use a DNS Resolver provided by our Internet provider, configured on WiFi network or cellular. By default, DNS requests and responses are sent as plaintext (via UDP) and can be read by anybody able to monitor transmissions.

What can we do to be safer?

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Short VPS comparison: I know why You will be using Oracle Cloud

Quite a time ago I created my most precious account – Oracle Cloud account. After a long and bumpy process, I’ve got Oracle Cloud Free Tier with 30 days trial and $300 to spend. Will it be my cloud to go? I didn’t know.

So I decided to test a few VPS providers in only three aspects: disk speed using dd command, stability measured by HTTP requests, and Speedtest by Ookla. My instantions had different CPUs, so I can’t measure their raw computing power.

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