Cloudflare DMARC Management

One year ago, I secured my email domain after receiving a self-sent threatening email. The old DMARC tool worked flawlessly, but I like to try new things.

Lastly Cloudflare has introduced its beta DMARC Management tool. I need to test it!

What does it offer?

The DMARC Management console is constructed with several panels displaying the most important data. These include an overview of our DNS records, a graph showing email volume, and a list of the top 10 email sources.

We are able to dig into every source and check the volume, source IP, country, and which policies were applied to those messages.


  • Automatic configuration: 3 clicks and you’re all set up
  • Easily accessible from your Cloudflare dashboard


  • Only 30 days history
  • There are no email summaries, as in my previous tool (DMARC Report)


For now, two DMARC reporting tools are working for me (strange!), so I will leave it as it is. Records are pointed to Cloudflare, and I am getting the benefits of both solutions. Easy access from CF console and email summaries from DMARC Reports.

Both solutions are great, you can’t go wrong with either of them!

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