Unleash the power of Raycast with these 22 extensions

Raycast can help streamline your workflow and increase productivity, but you need extensions that match your speed. I have compiled a short list of my frequently used extensions, commands, and integrations.

Perform everything you need within those chosen tools directly from Raycast!

Here are my selected Raycast extensions and functions

They are divided into several categories. Some extensions are self-explanatory, but a few of them have been enhanced with a short description. Take a good read!


  • My Schedule + Menu Bar
    Check your upcoming schedule, get an overview of your daily plans, and join events directly from the Menu Bar or the main Raycast window.
  • Clipboard History
    Search for text, images, files, links, and colors that you copied earlier and paste them again.
  • ChatGPT
    – Ask Question
  • ChatGPT Custom Actions
    – Custom Action (custom prompt – explain)
    – Refine (custom prompt – fix spelling and correct grammar)
    – Rewrite (custom prompt – improve writing and rewrite to professional tone)
    – Summarize
  • Snippets
    Use keywords to auto-expand snippets in place. In my case emails, VAT numbers etc.


  • Authy
    Insert the 2FA code where it is needed without opening any app or grabbing your phone.
  • Todoist + Menu Bar
    Add a new task and view tasks from anywhere without the need to switch contexts or search for your to-do app that may be open in the background.
  • Google Translate
  • Spotify Player + Menu Bar
    Search, play, and control Spotify from Raycast. The Menu Bar Player is a great feature that I use every day.


  • Set Audio Device
    Quickly switch between active audio input and output devices.
  • Search Menu Items
  • Search Folders
  • Search Files
  • Search Emoji
  • Sleep


  • Calculator
    Solve simple math expressions, convert units, check timezones, calculate differences between days, months, and years, and do much more in natural language.
  • Quicklinks
    Open the Desktop, Downloads, Repositories, or my predefined websites




What do you think about the above list? Did you find anything useful?

If you have a great extension that wasn’t mentioned, let me know in the comments section ;)

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